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TEC offers a broad range of services that are specifically focused on helping plant management maintain and improve the reliability of existing electrical and automation systems.  Some of these services include:

Plant Automation Support

To extend the capabilities of your in-house resources and give you on-demand, remote access to engineers experienced with multiple technology platforms including Rockwell, Wonderware, GE, OSISoft, Solarsoft, Modicon, and Siemens.

Comprehensive Plant Systems Health Check Service

To help you assess the current “health” of electrical and automation systems and identify recommendations for improving the effectiveness of your maintenance and reliability programs.

EI&C Maintenance Services

To help you maintain and improve your existing electrical, instrumentation and controls reliability and performance through the assistance of our on-site technicians.

Video Surveillance Solutions

To help you protect valuable plant assets and improve health and safety for your employees.

ARC Flash Hazard Analysis Services

To help you improve employee safety and reduce the total cost of compliance to NFPA 70E.

Plant IT Security Services

To help you protect valuable information, applications, and data from cyber attack and recover quickly from losses and disruptions.

TEC also provides full life-cycle controls and systems integration services for automation projects of all sizes.

Controls and System Integration Services

To help you extend the capabilities of your current full-time staff, from automation concept through process simulation training for your facility team.

OEM & Contractor Support

To help your automation project partners, including Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and general contractors, deliver complete, high quality solutions for your project..

To complete our services portfolio, TEC Systems Group provides a broad range of Electrical Solutions to industrial and commercial customers.

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