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EI&C Maintenance Services

TECOnSite© is a service that provides on-site electrical, instrumentation, and controls (EI&C) maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting services to manufacturing and production facilities in a wide variety of industrial settings. 

At its simplest, TECOnSite© provides the experienced talent you need to address short-term gaps in your EI&C maintenance program, such as:

At its best, TECOnSite© can be structured as a long-term, integral component of your overall maintenance strategy.  By offloading routine or repetitive tasks to a TEC on-site technician, you can free up your resources to focus on the high value, core needs of your facility.  TEC’s optional engineering services can also help you improve and upgrade your existing infrastructure to continuously improve system reliability, reduce maintenance costs, and increase uptime.

Typical Services

TEC’s highly qualified and independently certified on-site technicians typically provide a wide range of services, such as:

Maintenance Administration

Electrical and Instrumentation

Controls & Automation



Fixed price service contracts on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis allow you to budget and control maintenance costs more effectively.




TEC's ongoing service management of the assigned on-site resources help ensure that the technicians are performing the work to your satisfaction.



TECOnSite© can be combined with other TEC services to provide you with a comprehensive EI&C maintenance program.