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Video Surveillance Solutions

TEC Systems Group provides a broad range of video surveillance solutions to help you protect your valuable plant assets and improve health and safety for your employees.  TEC’s engineers are experienced with a wide array of surveillance technologies and applications to help you choose the solution that will best fit your business needs, including:


Wireless, Wired, CCTV, IP

Camera Type

PTZ, 360, Fixed (interchangeable lenses, fixed with zoom, “lipstick” style)

Camera I/O

Alarm contacts, Audio In, Audio Out, Manual Trigger


120v ac, 24v ac/dc, PoE (Power over Ethernet)


Heated, Fan, IP66, Vandal proof, Tinted Glass


Day, Night, Infrared


Real time, taped, DVR, remote access, email notifications, smart phone accessible

With the right TECProtect© solution, you can extend the reach of your limited resources to provide round-the-clock protection for your plant and your people.

Available Services



Improve site security by monitoring gates, doors, or other access points without adding additional security guards.



Reduce losses due to theft of equipment, tools, and materials by keeping an eye on key storage and maintenance areas.



Protect employees who work alone or in remote locations by being able to monitor their health and security in real time.



Reduce health and safety risks to production employees by using cameras to monitor processes where people cannot or should not go.