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Mining Industry

TEC Systems Group has been providing consulting and engineering services for the mining industry for over 25 years.  TEC delivers complete solutions from asset health management, electrical and automation strategies and solutions, to operational recommendations.

TEC’s engineers and technicians are particularly adept at developing, implementing, and maintaining PLC-based solutions that must operate reliably in harsh or hazardous environments, such as those than can be found in mining operations. TEC’s mine safety training program has been approved by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).

Featured Solution: Mobile Fleet Monitoring

TEC also offers real-time and historical data monitoring for mobile mining equipment via the onboard SymBot™ hardware and software from Symboticware and OSI PI data management solutions from OSISoft.  Capabilities include remote and onboard monitoring of machine and engine performance, alarms, machine hours, payload, cycle times, emissions, and tire health.  This solution will allow you to not only improve efficiencies but will also aid in improving the health of your mobile fleet assets.

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TEC's experienced engineers understand your industry and know how to effectively apply automation and integration solutions to your process.



TEC's industry-focused library of standards, code, and solutions can help you reduce the cost and shorten the time of automation projects.



TEC's established approach for providing ongoing support can help you extend the capabilities of your team and the life of your facility.