Tec Systems Group was featured in the AutomationWorld news article - System Integrators Struggle to Find Right Job Candidates

"Gina Coleal, human resources and organizational development for TEC Systems Group in Wichita, Kan., stressed the growing value of such “soft skills” in her presentation at the CSIA conference. As difficult a time as manufacturing and system integration companies might be having filling positions, they need to take the time to find employees with the important soft skills....."

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OSIsoft Partner   system integrator partner

TEC Systems Group is now an OSIsoft, Inc. Systems Integrator Partner

TEC Systems Group Inc. is pleased to announce that we are now officially a Systems Integrator partner with OSIsoft Inc. This partnership will help our team guide and assist our customers to draw extended value from their OSIsoft PI System. TEC has over 10 years of experience with the PI System and is looking forward to increasing our knowledge in the data historian space.


How to Make a Business Case for Getting Help with Automation Support Services

(as published by Control Engineering online magazine on April 19, 2012)

As the manufacturing environment becomes increasingly automated, companies often focus their investments on improving the skills of the production team to use the new technologies. But what about the skills and knowledge of the resources that have to support and maintain these new systems? The electricians, technicians, and engineers who make up the plant services organization are frequently left behind, often overlooked during the planning stages of the new solution, and the last to receive training. And career advancement opportunities are limited—unless they are willing to move out of their chosen field and into the mainstream of the company’s business.

Outsourcing these highly skilled electrical and automation support services is growing in popularity as a way of improving quality and responsiveness of these services while reducing the total cost of acquiring them...
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Mining Magazine

TEC Systems Group featured in July-August 2014 issue of Mining Magazine

TEC Systems Group was feaured in the July-August 2014 issue of Mining Magazine and explains how it helped to improve efficiency and production at Lyons Salt Mine.

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Symboticware poised for take-off

(from the Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal)

The Symbot is a ruggedized, cube-shaped industrial computer that bolts onto an LHD or utility vehicle, but Symboticware president Kirk Petroski reaches for his smartphone to explain the role it plays in underground mining.

"It’s a standardized platform much like an iPhone that has the ability to integrate multiple applications onto one device," said Petroski. An iPhone serves as a phone, a calendar, a camera, an alarm clock, an iPod, and a source of news, while the Symbot collects and transmits engine performance and exhaust emission data, bucket weight and production statistics. Adding to the functionality of a Symbot isn’t as easy as going to the App Store, but that day may come, too...
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